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Our culture guides the way tens of thousands of employees around the world work, innovate, collaborate and treat each other. It fuels our business performance and enables us to deliver on our business objectives. This Virtual Culture Kit is intended to showcase the pieces of AbbVie that contribute to the makeup of our culture, while reinforcing the many ways in which we live and breathe it, every day.
This site focuses primarily on the C, our culture, but all of the parts of The AbbVie Way come together to form who we are as a company.
BOur business
COur culture
Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’ve been honored to receive some of the most prestigious ratings and recognitions in our industry – or any industry. And we've received more than 40 Top Employer rankings globally.
awardsBulletIcon awardsBulletIconHover Workplace & Diversity
DiversityInc. “Top 50 Companies for Diversity”
FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For”
Great Places to Work “World’s Best Workplaces”
Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index
Science Magazine’s Top Employers
Working Mother “100 Best Companies”
awardsBulletIcon awardsBulletIconHover Environmental, Social & Governance
Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment Gold Medal
FTSE4Good Index
S&P 500 ESG Index
awardsBulletIcon awardsBulletIconHover Citizenship
Civic 50
Responsibility Magazine’s “100
Best Corporate Citizens”
FORTUNE/Great Places to Work “Best Workplaces for
Giving Back”
PEOPLE’s “50 Companies That
awardsBulletIcon awardsBulletIconHover Business Performance
FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies
IDEA Pharma Innovation Index
Pharma Reptrak Most Reputable Companies
Five things to know about
AbbVie Culture
01When AbbVie became a company in 2013, Culture was identified as 1 of 4 business priorities by the executive leadership team. It was co-created with leadership and employees worldwide.
02We take our culture very seriously – ingraining the Ways We Work in all we do to remind us that how we achieve results is just as important as achieving them. Behaviors matter!
03We have more than 125 AbbVie Way Ambassadors globally. They serve as advocates and influencers of our culture.
04Offices around the globe offer different perks including spaces to focus on mindfulness like yoga, organized team meals to informally connect and celebrate diversity and onsite events for AbbVie family members to learn about AbbVie’s impact.
05AbbVie employees report an 84% level of engagement (pride, energy and optimism), according to our 2018 employee survey results. That’s 14 points higher than U.S. Best Companies Benchmark (source: Culture IQ)
Did you know?
Everyone at AbbVie is measured by a core set of behaviors during annual performance assessments. These are called the Ways We Work.
The Ways
We Work
The Ways We Work, our working culture, is a core set of behaviors for all employees at all levels. It makes clear that how we achieve results is as important as achieving them. The Ways We Work consist of five core behaviors: All For One AbbVie, Decide Smart & Sure, Agile & Accountable, Clear & Courageous, Make Possibilities Real. The similarities between the Ways We Work and Allergan’s culture are clear. As we come together, we will be collectively stronger, based on this consistent foundation.

See how AbbVie defines the Ways We Work by selecting each circle below, then explore the behaviors for each by clicking to learn more.
All For
One AbbVie
& Sure
Agile &
Clear &
All For One AbbVie
We weigh all decisions against the common good. We inspire, share and create as a team. We solve problems for all rather than serving our immediate team.
Learn more about the Ways We Work
Decide Smart & Sure
We make intelligent decisions to create the best outcomes. We act quickly, embrace experimentation, and learn what doesn’t work and get on to what does.
Learn more about the Ways We Work
Agile & Accountable
We streamline and eliminate unnecessary obstacles. We plan but adapt as we go. We delegate and make tough decisions to ensure focus on results, staying keenly aware of the urgency in all we do.
Learn more about the Ways We Work
Clear & Courageous
Open, honest, candid dialogue is core to our work and how we act with each other. We share information freely and continuously to find solutions. We admit mistakes. We grow stronger by putting the courage of our conviction to the test.
Learn more about the Ways We Work
Make Possibilities Real
We question with endless curiosity. We’re never satisfied with good enough–patients depend on us to deliver more. We challenge ourselves to find creative, constructive solutions to turn possibilities into reality.
Learn more about the Ways We Work
Did you know?
AbbVie’s employee engagement level is 84%, exceeding the Best Companies’ Benchmark by 14% as measured by our 2018 employee survey.
At AbbVie, there is no question that great talent is at the heart of our organization. Just as the Ways We Work exemplifies our working culture, our Talent Philosophy guides how we manage and support talent at AbbVie. Every HR practice and program is grounded in our Talent Philosophy.
Transparency We are honest and provide feedback to employees about their performance and future within the organization, and what it takes to succeed and win at AbbVie.
Accountability We are each accountable for how we perform. Our leaders are also accountable for developing our people in ways that drive performance and support our culture.
Differentiation We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standard and ensure that those employees who make the contributions receive the greatest rewards.
Behaviors We demonstrate the behaviors critical to driving AbbVie’s future performance and expect the same of our teams.
Performance We push ourselves and each other to reach high levels of performance to best serve our patients.
Did you know?
AbbVie’s Learn.Develop.Perform. (LDP) is an award winning, industry-leading global development program.
Our employee development priorities are directly linked to our business priorities, with our Talent Philosophy serving as the guide. Resources are available to all employees throughout the course of the year. In addition, people leaders have access to a suite of live and virtual training resources focused entirely on leadership development.
The 4 fundamentals of performance
talentDev performanceIcon awareness
Self-Awareness of skill or behavior
talentDev performanceIcon motivation
Commitment and desire to improve skill or behavior
talentDev performanceIcon practice
Opportunity to practice new skill
talentDev performanceIcon feedback
Know expectations and integrate feedback
How development happens
70 %
  • Challenging assignments
  • Increase in scope
  • Horizontal moves
  • First time experiences
20 %
Feedback &
  • Manager
  • Cohorts
  • Coaching
  • Communities of practice
  • Networking
10 %
Must be a need and
skill should be put into practice quickly

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Reading
Put this knowledge into practice
Specific Expectations
Proactive, Formal and Informal Feedback
25 %

Increase in performance
talentDev Learn Develop Perform, background talentDev Learn Develop Perform, foreground
Learn.Develop.Perform. (LDP) is AbbVie’s commitment to driving employee development. LDP is available to all employees across the globe providing access to development webinars, online tools and resources, and development focused podcasts.
Click here to engage with our LDP program
tips for development
Determine your “from-to” to define a clear, concrete objective
Focus development on the skills that matter most for improved performance
Engage your leader and mentors to ensure alignment and support
Establish a timeline for expected improvement
Identify experiences within your current role that address your specific development need
Review performance and development goals regularly
Use AbbVie’s development plan worksheet to create a meaningful plan
Seek clear, accurate & timely feedback to increase performance and self-awareness
Include training or formal learning only when needed as part of the development plan
Engage in regular ongoing conversations with your direct manager
Did you know?
In 2019, we unveiled our Principles as an articulation of what we believe in, what we stand for and what we represent as a company.
Our purpose is profound, and our path is clear. We embrace the responsibility of making a remarkable impact on people’s lives through the innovative medicines and solutions we create together.

This is driven by our compassion for people, commitment to innovation and inclusion, service to the community, and uncompromising integrity at the heart of everything we do.
Did you know?
AbbVie has been honored to receive some of the most prestigious ratings and recognitions in our industry, including many for workplace and diversity.
Equality, Diversity &
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is clearly stated within our Principles and core to our culture. We treat everyone equally, with dignity and respect. Around the world, our employees embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives which allows us all to achieve our best.
Equality is appreciating differences and treating people with dignity and respect. It is the fair treatment of people regardless of their visible or less visible characteristics such as gender, race, physical or mental disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age.
Diversity is valuing and sharing an infinite range of ideas, viewpoints and backgrounds to broaden our perspectives. We seek to build diverse teams at every level of the organization.
Inclusion is actively accepting each person as an important part of our organization, and encouraging collaboration between individuals and teams with different points of view. Inclusion enables a sense of belonging and it is how we create the most value from a diverse team.
Reach your potential
Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help foster a diverse and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. With a focus on the four Cs—Career, Community, Company Impact and Culture—our ERGs help drive business results while also building a sense of community. They also focus on networking, mentoring, professional development, talent attraction and fun! ERGs welcome all employees.
equalityERGIcon AbbVie Pride
equalityERGIcon AbbVie Veterans
equalityERGIcon Ability at AbbVie
equalityERGIcon AHORA Hispanic/Latino
equalityERGIcon Asian Leadership Network
equalityERGIcon Black Business Network
equalityERGIcon Women Leaders in Action
Why it matters
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is embedded in everything we do—from recruiting to developing to advancing to performing.

It is clearly stated within our Principles—we treat everyone equally, with dignity and respect.

It is a core part of our Culture—we make the most of our incredible diversity to achieve our best and embrace ideas from everywhere.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion enables us to deliver on our business objectives and have a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

For more information about ERGs, upcoming inclusive culture learning and more about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, email ED&I.
Did you know?
~9,000 employees worked with leading nonprofit groups completing hands-on volunteer projects in underserved communities during the Week of Possibilities.
Serving the community
At AbbVie, giving back is part of who we are. We give back by volunteering our time and expertise, contributing to nonprofit organizations and supporting our employees at pivotal life moments.
For more information, email [email protected]
Looking Ahead
Mark your calendars for these events and workshops in 2020. More details will be provided in the coming weeks.
Celebration of Culture
Initiatives, events and communications designed to spark and amplify our culture and facilitate transparent conversations on the topic. These events will reinforce AbbVie’s culture, resources and celebrate local culture on a global scale.
June - August
People Leader Workshops
A series of workshops for legacy Allergan People Leaders to dive into future business opportunity, AbbVie Culture activation and the People Leader’s role in driving integration success.
August - October
Ways We Work Workshops
A series of workshops for all legacy Allergan employees to learn more about each Ways We Work and the AbbVie working culture.
2021 Employee Survey
Two pasts, one future. Your voice matters. An opportunity for all employees to make sure their voice is heard through AbbVie’s 2021 Employee Survey. Employee participation and feedback is essential to ensuring we continue to successfully engage all AbbVie employees and build upon the high-performing culture that enables us to deliver on our business objectives.
Additional Resources
Our Journey of Impact
A compelling growth story. A strong investment. A rapidly advancing pipeline. All this and more defined our first five years, but the journey is just beginning. Come with us as we remember where we’ve been, and look forward to where we’re going.
AbbVie Way Ambassadors
The AbbVie Way Ambassador program consists of highly engaged AbbVie employees who, in addition to their day jobs, drive AbbVie culture and the Ways We Work at the local level. They are provided with tools and resources with the expectation to customize culture initiatives at the local level, bringing focus to what’s most relevant to their area and function. AbbVie Way Ambassadors assess gaps and define plans to execute the enterprise strategy of amplifying our culture. To learn who your local AbbVie Way Ambassador is, email [email protected].
Learn more about this program.
Our Interactive Journey Map
To learn about The AbbVie Way and our commitment to a positive working culture that delivers a remarkable impact for patients, launch the interactive experience of our Journey Map.
Social media
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For information on our social media policy and employee guidance, visit the integration site. AbbVie   Allergan
Check out what your colleagues and AbbVie have already posted on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter showcasing #AbbVieLife.
We want to hear from you! Click here to go to our survey and leave us some feedback
The Ways
We Work
Diversity &
The Ways We Work
Attribute Exploration
Select one of the circles to learn more about each attribute.
Operates with an enterprise perspective, putting overall AbbVie before individual or functional interests.
Inspires and motivates others toward a shared purpose.
Influences colleagues to achieve cross-functional alignment.
Manages inclusively and equitably across all.
Deals comfortably with risk and ambiguity, changing course when needed.
Knows the business and the cross-functional contributions needed to deliver results.
Makes timely, high-quality decisions with less than perfect information.
Lives AbbVie values. Acts consistently with our ethics, obligations and the law.
Sets clear strategies and robust implementation plans.
Gives full accountability when delegating; accepts full accountability when delegated to by others.
Delivers business results while also positioning AbbVie for long-term success.
Simplifies how work gets done; removes needless bureaucracy.
Acts respectfully yet courageously; says what needs to be said.
Manages conflict and difficult conversations in a constructive, transparent way.
Uses mistakes, failure and reflection as vehicles for learning and improvement.
Communicates openly and honestly with all colleagues.
Looks outside AbbVie for new ideas to stimulate innovation.
Connects unrelated concepts, generates original or unique ideas.
Creates an environment in which people appropriately experiment and challenge the status quo.
Persistent and resilient—finds the way to move good ideas forward.
All For
One AbbVie
& Sure
Agile &
Clear &