Experience AbbVie's Comprehensive Vaporizer Support

AbbVie has the same commitment to providing exceptional vaporizer customer service that Abbott began in 1995 through:

  • Managing and staffing of vaporizer support
  • Providing customer service and replacement for existing and incremental vaporizers

AbbVie vaporizers are serviced by the world's largest independent vaporizer service provider. The company's management and staff bring decades of experience in the service and supply of anesthetic vaporizers. This knowledge has been established through the design, manufacture, production, and servicing of anesthetic vaporizers. With their commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, they are a registered ISO13485 company.


For additional vaporizer support:
800-255-5162, option 2

For additional sales support:
Anesthesia/Vaporizer Specialist Team

To order replacement adapters for vaporizers, contact the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at:
Draeger Customer Service 1-800-543-5047 or
GE Customer Service 1-866-281-7545