Plasma Histamine Response
  • No dose-related changes in plasma histamine concentrations in any group1
  • Severe anaphylactic reactions to neuromuscular blocking agents, including NIMBEX, have been reported. These reactions have in some cases been life-threatening and fatal. Precaution should be taken in those individuals who have had previous anaphylactic reactions to other neuromuscular blocking agents2
  • NIMBEX at doses 2x-8x administered over 5 to 10 seconds does not cause dose-related elevations in mean plasma histamine concentrations2



  • Randomized study
  • 60 patients age 20-65 undergoing elective minor surgery 
    • First 30 patients randomized to receive either 2 x ED95 of cisatracurium or 2 x ED95 of atracurium
    • Next 15 patients received 4 x ED95 of cisatracurium and the final 15 received 8 x ED95 of cisatracurium
  • ASA I or II
  • Anesthesia was induced with IV midazolam 20–100 µg/kg, fentanyl 2–8 µg/kg, and thiopental 1-10 mg/kg and was maintained with nitrous oxide and oxygen and additional IV doses of fentanyl, midazolam and thiopental
  • Endpoints were plasma histamine concentrations, heart rate and blood pressure 

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