• Organ Function
  • Emergence and Recovery


  • Approved for intubation in children from 1 month.1
  • Continuous infusions are indicated in adults and children aged 2 or more years for maintenance of neuromuscular block.1
  • Organ-independent Hofmann elimination allows for appropriate administration, in renally and hepatically compromised patients.1
  • There are rare reports of wheezing, laryngospasm, bronchospasm, rash, and itching after administration of NIMBEX in children. These reported adverse events were not serious and their etiology could not be established with certainty.1
  • Once recovery begins, rate of recovery is independent of dose. Time to recover from successive doses does not change with the number of doses administered.1
  • The 10-mL multiple-dose vials of NIMBEX contain benzyl alcohol, which is potentially toxic when administered locally to neutral tissue. Exposure to excessive amounts of benzyl alcohol has been associated with toxicity, particularly in preterm infants and neonates, and there have been rare reports of deaths, primarily in preterm infants.1 
  • Faster time to onset and a shorter duration of neuromuscular block was associated with the use of NIMBEX in pediatric patients.1

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